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Xilinx v CIR
This tax case in the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit exposes how the US high technology sector operates its tax affairs in Ireland. In particular the court was asked to decide on how to apply an arm’s length evaluation of cost sharing between subsidiaries of a corporation engaged in the development of intangible property.

Facebookers beware
The excellent article exposes a security flaw in Facebook which could allow an application to access your database of friends. It shows just how vulnerable the unregulated world of social networking can be.

You say PAH-tent I say PAY-tent.
From IPKat, news that the EPO has posted some e-learning presentations on its website, along with an unusual pronunciation of the P-word.

IP stakes can be high when companies fail.
Very often when large companies fail, the remaining value lies in the IP, whether it is the brand or patents. The case of the bankruptcy of General Motors provides an example of the importance of dealing with IP in a merger. GM bought Opel and in 2005 Opel transferred all patents to a subsidiary. Now that GM is bankrupt it is not clear that Opel owns its IP and if it doesn’t what will ultimately happen to it. This obviously creates insecurity for Opel.

50th anniversary of the hovercraft.
I am old enough to remember when there was a cross-channel hovercraft service. One of the great British inventions is 50!

French three strikes law struck down on constitutional grounds.
You’ve got to hand it to the French. The Conseil Constitutionnel has struck down a law which allowed for alleged illegal downloaders to be disconnected from the internet without due process. The court found that such a law offended against the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. The court found that the law offended against the right of freedom of expression in a democratic society and the right of due process. However the French government has not given up and is working on a workaround.

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